Sangerfest 2016
Sioux Falls Convention Center                                                                                        June 9-11, 2016

Awarding of Medals

As is customary at Sangerfest, medals were awarded for years of singing. This year the medals were presented after each chorus sang at the Parade of 
Choruses on Thursday evening. After the final number of each chorus the medallists from that chorus were named and presented before leaving the stage. 
Following is a list of 2016's medalists:

1st Time Attendees
     Eugene Willins Norwegian Glee Club
     Ben Carson Norse Glee Club
     Allen Eide Norse Glee Club
     Bryan Noe Norse Glee Club
     Charles Berdahl Minnehaha Mandskor
     Jon Christopherson Minnehaha Mandskor
     Hunter Friessen Minnehaha Mandskor
     Paul Opsahl Minnehaha Mandskor
     Hans Peterson Minnehaha Mandskor
     Bill Schoep Minnehaha Mandskor
     Jim Schoep Minnehaha Mandskor
     Peter Dodington Luren Singing Society
     Chris Hick Luren Singing Society
     Don Housker Luren Singing Society
     Larry Landsgard Luren Singing Society
     Robert Smedsrud Luren Singing Society
Bronze Medallists (5 Sangerfests)
     Earl Evenstad Norwegian Glee Club
     Ron Hemstad Norwegian Glee Club
     Robert Olson Norwegian Glee Club
     Carsten Slostad Norwegian Glee Club
     James Slostad Norwegian Glee Club
     Dennis Sorheim Norwegian Glee Club
     Leslie Hernes Grieg Male Chorus
     Paul Hohman Grieg Male Chorus
     Dan Boyle Normennenes Singing Society
     Gerald Jensen Normennenes Singing Society
     Robert C. Weldon Bjornson Male Chorus
     David Carlson Luren Singing Society
     Fordyce Brevig Luren Singing Society
     Merlyn Finley Luren Singing Society
     Ronald Fretheim Luren Singing Society
     Lee Grippen Luren Singing Society
     Kenneth Larson Luren Singing Society
     Randy Schmitt Luren Singing Society
     Carlton Shaw Luren Singing Society
Silver Medallists (10 Sangerfests)
     Jack Hauer Norwegian Glee Club
     Bob Bergren Grieg Male Chorus
     Curtis R. Hepner Grieg Male Chorus
     Don Pottratz Grieg Male Chorus
     Robert Amend Norse Glee Club
     Joseph Isakson Norse Glee Club
     Robert Tidemann Norse Glee Club
     Joel Awes Bjornson Male Chorus
     Oystein Borsheim Bjornson Male Chorus
     Milton Gustafson Bjornson Male Chorus
     Edwin Kramer Bjornson Male Chorus
     Richard A, Klein Bjornson Male Chorus
     Robert Marshall Bjornson Male Chorus
     Chuck Morkri Edward Grieg Chorus
     Ken Damon Rockford Harmony Singers
Gold Medallists ( 15 Sangerfests)
     Lee Randall Norwegian Glee Club
     Warren Eitreim Norse Glee Club
     John Monsen Rockford Harmony Singers
     Jim Glesne Luren Singing Society
     Roger Stavnem Bjornson Male Chorus
     Jim Svanoe Edvard Grieg Chorus
     Lowell Hertzgaard - 1 diamond (20) Normennenes Singing Society
     Clarence Peterson - 1 diamond (20) Normennenes Singing Society
     Dick Wightman - 1 diamond (20) Nordic Male Chorus
     Julian Holter - 3 diamonds (30+) Grieg Male Chorus
Members 90 Years of Age and Older and Not Previously Recognized with an NSAA Pin
     Joe Campion Norwegian Glee Club
     Bjorn Hagen Norwegian Glee Club
     Lee Randall Norwegian Glee Club
     Julian Holter Grieg Male Chorus
     Henry Carlson Normannenes Singing Society
     Clarence Peterson Normannenes Singing Society
     Warren Eitreim Norse Glee Club
     Helmer Haugland Norse Glee Club
     Clifford Olson Norse Glee Club
     Robert Marshall Bjornson Male Chorus
     Bob Hansen  Nordic Male Chorus

Congratulations to all of you!