Sangerfest 2016
Sioux Falls Convention Center                                                                                        June 9-11, 2016

Memorial Service
Thursday, June 9, 6:00 PM

We honored and paid tribute to those who had passed since our last Sangerfest

Those Deceased:
     Phillip Holmes Bjornson Male Chorus
     Art Amundson Luren Singing Society
     Paul Hasvold Luren Singing Society
     Kermit Hendrickson Luren Singing Society
     Dan Heubner Luren Singing Society
     Alden Hovda Luren Singing Society
     David Lee Luren Singing Society
     Ronald Martinson Luren Singing Society
     Waltern Lenz Nordic Male Chorus
     Harlan "Bud" Dawson Nordic Male Chorus
     Ron Grand Normennenes Singing Society
     Ole Birkelund Normennenes Singing Society
     Phillip Olson Norse Glee Club
     Glenn C. Johnson Norse Glee Club
     Kenneth Raanes Norse Glee Club
     Glenn J. Eliason Norse Glee Club
      Lloyd O. Raanes Norse Glee Club
      Murial Eliason (accompanist & national soloist) Norse Glee Club
     Duane Olson Norwegian Glee Club
     Clarence Hanson Norwegian Glee Club
     Arden AL. Nygaard Norwegian Glee Club