Sangerfest 2016
Sioux Falls Convention Center                                                                                        June 9-11, 2016

Translation of Songs

Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet

Yes, We Love This Land
Rikard Nordraak
(The National Anthem of Norway)

Yes, we love this land as it wins renown,
weathered over the water with the thousand homes.
(We) love, (we) love it and think of our father and mother
and the saga-night that settles, (and we) dream of our soil.



Nigerian Christmas Son
Wendell Whalum

We are glad that we have a Father to trust.  
We are glad that we have a Father to rely upon.
Where was Jesus born? Where was He born?
Bethlehem, the city of wonder. That is where the Father was born for sure.
Praise, praise be to Him.  We thank Thee, we thank Thee,
We thank Thee for this day, Gracious Father.
Praise, praise, praise be to Thee, Merciful Father.


Herefter vil jeg fÝlge

George J. Webb

Hereafter I will follow the little faithful flock.
Let worlds storms and billows turn against me,
 I fear not battle because Jesus is with me.
He is my Helper when the storm becomes severe

Far past the deep water, I must now struggle on.
I see the bright colored land, where freedom triumph stands.
The fearful places I am free from for awhile,
And cast my anchor for blessedness sake.


Hil Dig, Norge

Hail to Thee, Norway
Peer Sivle

Hail to Thee, Norway!  Norway, our fatherís land.
They glory is ours, thy justice is ours today.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our fatherís land.
Honored, Thou shall be seated in the peopleís council.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our fatherís land.


Morgensang af Elverskud

Morning Song from Elverskud
Niels W. Gade

In the east, the sun rises; it spreads yellow on the clouds.
It goes over the sea and the mountain top,
Goes over the countryside and the city.
It comes from the beautiful coast, where Paradise lay.
It bring light and life; it brings life and delight to great and small, to great and small.
And with Godís sun there goes out from the east a heavenly ray on the earth;
A glimpse from paradise coast, where the Apple of Life grows.



Norwegian Folksong, Arr. Frederick Wick

Far in the distance by mountains of blue, there lies a place I hold dear.
There in my thoughts and my dreams I will go; always you seem to be near.
Nid River, peaceful and lovely you are, here where I go a dreaming.
Dreaming of him who was dear to my heart; now is it only memories.
The old town bridge is our portal of bliss; together we sail under the starsí corral.
Nid River, still and beautiful you are, here where I go and dream.


Siste Reis

The Sailorís Last Voyage
Eyvind Alnes, Text by Henrik Wergeland

This voyage is the last for me, Sing,sailor, oh!
Next port of call shall heaven be, Sing, sailor, oh!
The last bell soon the air will rend, Sing, sailor, oh!
My compass I must closely tend, Sing, sailor, oh!
Like gold and diamonds all around, Sing, sailor, oh!
The heaven sea with isles abound, Sing, sailor, oh!
They are the stars so small and clear, Sing, sailor, oh!
At which, as night-watch you would peer, Sing, sailor, oh!
Take courage then and risk defy, Sing, sailor, oh!
While sailing up thru azure sky, Sing, sailor, oh!
Fear not the Devil's fierce corsairs, Sing, sailor, oh!
No danger of his wily snares, Sing, sailor, oh!
You'll meet your wife you'll meet your friends, Sing, sailor, oh!
Your children you will meet again, Sing, sailor, oh!
then there will be much greater glee, Sing, sailor, oh!
Than here when you came home from sea, Sing, sailor, oh!+


StŚ opp, Guds menighet

Stand p, Godís People
Deanna Wehrspann (for the 2016 Sangerfest)
J.O. Wallin (Swedish)
M.B. Landstad (Norwegian)
D. Wehrspann, (English)

Stand up, Godís people, with delight!  Let sound of trumpets now excite!
Give God in Heaven all honor! Break out and sing, O Jesusí bride.
God does my spirit joy provide, my soul is Godís extoller.
See all my grief is worn away; the Lord has done great things today.
Godís might I know lasts ever.
God gives a fatherly embrace; His law and name the world encase until our last endeavor.

Den Store Hvide Flok

The Great White Flock
Norwegian folk tune, 17th century
Arranged by Edvard Grieg

The great white flock we see
Like thousands of mountains full of snow
With forests around of swinging palm trees
Before the throne.  Who are they?

They are the host of heroes,
Who from the great tribulation came
And who have washed themselves
In the Lambís blood for heavenís holiness.

They keep on church-going,
With unceasing song of jubilation
In the high choir where God dwells
In the midst of all the angelsí song.


En Sangers BÝn
The Singerís Prayer
F.A. Reissiger, Arranged by Knute Hansen

Lord of souls, I grant Thy power over gifts bestowed on me.
Show Thy mercy in the hour when my song shall cease to be.
For my heart is throbbing ever, untold thoughts are resting never,
While lifeís riddle great I ponder.

Take away the singers garland, fling it to oblivionís shore.
If but in that vernal far land, Thou my voice improved restore.
If but there, Thy throne before us, I may join the lofty chorus, 
Swelling to the harps of heaven.



Ole Olson

Unfold yourself, our old emblem, eternally young singers flag!
Make the weak wills strong, whenever you are raised for our cause!
Train us strictly like the oakís branch (to) endure with courageous chest.
Strengthen us, strengthen us, strengthen us,
That we may never lose hopeís joyful songbird voice.

Lift high, then, our singersí banner! Array around it a guard of youth!
Let it shine upon our path, always cheerful and undismayed.
To the far-off (its) red cloth shall bring a message like (the) fire of a beacon.
Bring a message, bring a message,
  That the young generation will protect freedom, king, (and) fatherland.
Unfold yourself, our old emblem. Unfold yourself.



Edvard Grieg

1. Oh, it was Olaf Trygvason, sailing oíer the North Sea grim,
Up to his youthful royal kingdom, never expecting him.
At first sight, halting motion: ďWhat is this kind of wall a thwart the ocean?Ē

2. Oh, it was Olaf Trygvason, quiet forbidding was the land;
All of his youthful kingly longings seemed by the mountains banned.
Then came a skald perceiving whitened towers and spires, the sky piercing.

3. Oh it was Olaf Trygvason, then it seemed that he should go
To grayed and ancient temple bastions, white with a crown of snow.
Sorely he then kept longing, with his youthful faith to stand where belonging.

4. Open the land was; spring was here rumbling from its waterfalls.
Storm clouds and sea din rolled around them. Rustling, the forest calls.
Organs, with bells enhancing, Olaf looked about
Himself entrancing. himself entrancing.

5. (King Olafís prayer) Baritone solo
ďOur foundation here is grounded, temple-pillars bar out Hades.
Spirit trembles, heart is swelling; just the greatest here is honored!
May my faith match my foundation, mount to Jokelís elevation.
Be my soul at natureís apex filled by Him who all created!Ē

6. Olafís prayer we all submit to, now and always all commit to,
Spirit trembles, heart is swelling; just the greatest here is honored!
May my faith match my foundation, mount to Jokelís elevation.
Be my soul, at natureís apex, filled by Him who all created!
Filled by Him! Filled by Him!



SjŲberg-Balogh, E.G Geijer
English text by Helen Kaminski
Choral Transciption by Alberto Bimboni

Dark are the sorrows that come by night,
Dreams seek for music to bring release.
Day dawns with sorrow, with sorrow that dims its light.
Day seeks for music, for song bringing peace.

Song brings a promise of sweet content.
Hope brightens the sad heart while tones ring with mirth.
Song brings a vision, a vision thatís heaven sent.
 Love sings in rapture as life thrills the earth.


Ved Rondane

Memories of Childhood
Edvard Grieg, Arr. Ed Kramer

Once more the crags and dales of childhood greeting,
I see them as I saw them long ago.
The same cool wind upon my brow is beating,
The golden sun still shines upon the snow.
A tender voice within me keeps repeating,
Such happy memories that I pensive grow.
My heart with sweetest childhood fancies filling,
I scarce can breathe, its raptures are so thrilling.

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