Minnehaha Mandskor
Sioux Falls, SD

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Member Spotlight
Jon Christopherson

Jon Christopherson is new to the Mandskor as of the fall of 2014.  He sings bass.  Jon was invited by members Bruce Duncan and Ray Ode who sing in church choir with him.   Although heís lived at over 20 locations, Jon calls Sturgis, SD his home town.  He was educated at the U of WY, and UND and works as a project engineer at EROS Data Center. 

Jonís wife Kary, a Denver native, works as a church secretary and is also a singer.  She toured Europe with the Colorado Choir, liked what she saw and stayed in Europe for seven years.  She and Jon met in Germany when she was employed at the same army base where Jon was stationed.  Their first date was dinner in a castle and they were engaged on the Eiffel Tower on New Yearís Eve! 

     The Christophersons are parents to Bryce, 21, and Laura, 17.  Coin collecting and fossil hunting are listed as Jonís hobbies.   Singing will soon be part of that list.  Jon says, ďIím a latecomer to singing but Iím enjoying it a lot.  I wish I had started sooner.